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We offer a variety of classes and workshops relating to building and using traditional skin-on-frame boats. Most of these classes take place in our boat shop at Mind's Eye Manufactory in Ferndale, California, but we can also teach at your location. We schedule most of our classes on an occasional basis and in response to requests. If you're interested in coming for one of our classes or would like to have us come teach in your town, please contact us! Upcoming classes will always be posted on the True North Boats facebook page.


Build Your Own Unangax Iqyax   


Each student in this workshop will use the measurements of his or her body to create a beautiful, tailor-fitted Aleutian iqyax (pronounced ik' yuh). In this six-day class  you will fully immerse in the building process, from design through steam-bending ribs, fitting deck beams, tying lashings, and finally, sewing the cover over the frame and sealing it. In the end you'll come away with a stunning, state-of-the-art sea kayak, a rich and fun experience...and most likely some great new friends. 

 A traditional kayak that you make with your own hands will be truly yours, fitting you as no production-molded fiberglass or plastic kayak can.  It will be tough, lightweight, quiet on the water, and unsurpassed for seaworthiness; a beautiful expression of you, the builder.


No woodworking experience is necessary, and students are welcome to bring friends or family to help work on their kayak project. Call or email us for details and upcoming class dates. 

Cost of class: $2100.00 (all materials included)


Carve an Unangax Paddle


Carve yourself a gorgeous Unangax (Aleut) double-blade paddle out of beautiful Alaska yellow cedar. In this one day workshop you'll use hand tools and power tools to replicate an exceptional Unangax paddle that was collected on the island of Unalaska (Aleutians) in 1826. This paddle now resides in the Finland National Museum, but was surveyed and measured by a team that included George Dyson (Baidarka Historical Society) in 1996. Marc Daniels has developed a sure method for accurately reproducing this amazing paddle.

Complex and asymetrical...You will love this paddle!

Cost of class: $175.00 (includes materials) 

Contact us for class schedule



Build a Greenland Qayaq


The sleek Greenland qayaq owes its stunning beauty to simple, elegant lines. Though simple of line and less complicated to build than the Unangam Iqyaa (Aleut sea kayak) the Greenland qayaq is a highly sophisticated and superbly agile ocean craft. You can build one for yourself, fitted exactly to your body in one of our one week workshops. Woodworking expertise is not required because we'll guide you through every step of the process. Feel free to bring a partner or family member to help work on your project! 

Call us for workshop dates and prices.



The film below shows one of our classes in an earlier shop.